OMFC FF Rally 002
Andy Crisp , records scores at the OMFC Free Flight Rally 2014

Oxford MFC Competitions


11th/12th June, 2016   Oxford MFC Free-Flight Rally

Location:     Port Meadow

Date:            Saturday, 11th June   Champagne Fly-Offs, starting at 6.30 pm.

Classes:      F1G ( Coupe d’Hiver )

F1H ( A1 glider )

HLG/Catapult glider

All flyers must have BMFA insurance or equivalent.


Sunday 12th June Main Rally, starting at 10.00am.

Classes:     F1G ( Coupe d’Hiver)

F1H ( A1 Glider)

E30/P30/CO2 Combined

Vintage Rubber ( 34 inch span max)

Contact:          Andy Crisp,    01865 553800

All flyers must have BMFA insurance or equivalent.



Oxford MFC Dreaming Spires Gala (PLEASE NOTE REVISED DATE)

Location:    Port Meadow

Date:           17th  July 2016  Duration Events starting at 10.00am, Scale at 1.30pm.

Note! Revised Menu of Events and classes to be confirmed

Classes:       Vintage Rubber ( 34 inch span max )

Vintage Glider

Classic Glider

Tail-less ( Rubber and Glider combined

E36 Rapier

R30 duration

HLG/Catapult Glider ( Combined, from launch box)

Freeflight Scale ( All-in, no documentation, ic up to 1.5cc max))

Cloud Tramp

Duration Rubber Ratio

Table Top Precision ( Rubber)

HiStart Glider

Frog Senior Duration

Contact:           Charlie Newman 01865 873876

All flyers must be BMFA insured or equivalent.



Oxford MFC September Scalefest : Following the success of the 2015 event, OMFC are delighted to announce that the event is to be run in 2016 (PLEASE NOTE REVISED DATE)

Location:       Port Meadow Oxford

Date:               2nd October 2016 10.00 am start, ic flying after 1.30pm

Power Scale     (BMFA rules)

Rubber Scale (BMFA rules)

CO2/Electric Scale (BMFA rules)

BMFA Kit Scale ( BMFA outdoor rules)

Jetex/Rapier Authentic Scale   (Peterborough rules)

Jetex/Rapier Profile Scale   ( Peterborough rules)

Scale Glider

Contact:           Charlie Newman   01865 873876


All flyers must have BMFA insurance or equivalent.


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