2017 Oxford MFC Free Flight Rally

10-11 June 2017, Port Meadow

Saturday 10 June, starting 6.30PM:

  • Champagne fly-offs: F1G, F1H, HLG/CATA

Sunday 11 June, starting 10.00AM:


  • F1G (Cd’H)
  • F1H (AI)

5 flights, in rounds – flown from line

  • P30/CO2 (combined)
  • E36
  • Vintage Rubber (34″ max span)
  • Vintage/classic gider (combined)
  • Tail-less R+G (combined)

3 flights, no rounds, flown from line.

  • H.L.G./Catapult (combined)

Flown from box

All towlines: 50 metres

All fliers must be insured

No streamers on poles, thermistors, bubbles, etc

No I.C. powered models to be flown